90% of your thoughts today are the same thoughts from yesterday unless, you choose to change them.

# 1 Best Selling Amazon Author, Speaker, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Behavioral Coach-SNLP, CLC, CEIC

Julian Sado 

Owner, Pivot 2 Change, LLC

Sado is an experienced and passionate keynote speaker, facilitator, and coach specializing in business consulting (Change Agent), personal development along with sales and service perceptions. Sado has worked with numerous companies and all types of service-centric professions and individuals. 


In the last twenty-two years, Sado has gained leadership and training experience throughout the country. He was the winner of the Ambassador Leadership Award, 8 out of 9 years as a Sr. Leader for a Fortune 100 company, Creator of CXP, and NeuroWhyology, programs, that has not only given a crash-course on the human mind and how we all operate, using NLP and neuroscience, but they have also reduced HR escalations, increased retention, improved management documentation and skills in coaching, which has helped organizations create an internal brand that has improved customer satisfaction, sales, and overall employee production on average of 22%.

Since its inception, Pivot 2 Change, LLC has rapidly gained popularity for providing unique, interactive and effective learning and development solutions using several sciences not limited to neuroscience, N.L.P, and emotional intelligence.

Over the years, Sado has helped thousands of individuals build their personal brand, sales, and service teams by transforming their inner-self talk and rewire their concepts of success. He is a sought-after speaker and is regularly invited to speak and train companies, organizations, clubs, and churches throughout the country. His philosophy around employee development, leadership, and personal growth includes an array of unique street-smart approaches to the human development of improvement.

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Are unique, specially customized for the participants and highly interactive.

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Why work with us?

The Neuroscience behind thoughts and emotions has proven there is a physical charge that controls most of the reactions we have in life. This impacts your personal life, sales, service and company retention. When revolutionary business philosopher Julian Sado discovered “NeuroWhyology,” he realized there is a subconscious shadow-self that once exposed, can redirect habitual miss-guided actions in one’s life. The results of his street-smart consulting, coaching, and seminars allow you to pivot your actions to change your direction in life by transforming yourself through Thoughts.


Julian Sado is a ‘neuron-hacker’ passionate entrepreneurs that builds infectious and impactful brands, businesses, and lives.

I attended an exclusive experience in Dallas, Texas. At the event several world class speakers presented. 

Julian gave us great content on the workings of the subconscious mind using NLP and neuroscience and why so many people say they want to improve but rarely do. 

I loved his exercise using his past as a Kick-boxing instructor to show us how the subconscious is there to protect us from perceived danger even if the danger is the one thing to get us to the next level.

I highly recommend Julian.

Greg Zlevor

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I absolutely love what we do. I am passionate about inspiring and enabling individuals to work harder on themselves, then they do on their jobs.


My courses are 100% customized to meet the requirements of the team(s) I work with.

I believe that learning should be fun, practical and inspiring. And hence all of the programs are fully interactive with actionable strategies, case studies, role plays, audio-visuals and exercises.

I am convinced that our culture is changing, so should how we develop ourselves, employees, and our business.  


I provide face-to-face and online follow up support.


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