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Julian Sado


I'm a seasoned Sales and Leadership Strategist with

nearly two decades of experience driving L&D initiatives around sales and leadership engagement within B2B and B2C business.


I can provide strategic insight and tactical execution for your company's toughest challenges with employee mindset, change-management, hunting/sales challenges; infusing neuroscience, NLP and behavioral science.

My Recent Work

As an accomplished L&D strategist with deep expertise in NLP and human motivators, I've had the honor of working on some extremely rewarding projects over the years. Here are just a few most recent examples:


I helped spearhead their first B2B  Sales Department. Built out On-boarding encompassing sales, system, and product integrations increasing system usage by 58% and improved stage documentation and close rate by 43% out-performing seasoned associates prior, Launched a global Master-mind program focused on best practices and front-line ideas, produced outcomes and revenue, and improved engagement internally. Created social media training for leaders and sales to create a better presence and company alignment.

Onward Search

I provided consultative sales, enhancing brand presence and audience engagement across multiple marketing channels. Created campaign that eventually created a new department within the company called Digital Accessibility.

Equity Prime Mortgage

I led strategic L&D sales and Leadership initiatives, internal employee engagement initiative increasing employee satisfaction by 53% within six months. Developed a vetted new LMS system and organized systemized training calendar and Onboarding

My primary objective is to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Drawing upon years of industry experience, and my passion and deep-dive into AI and the Gen-Z business tactics in leadership and sales, I provide in-depth newly organized strategies, ensuring alignment with your company's goals and vision.

As a Fractional Sales, Leadership & L&D Strategist, I offer the expertise of a full-time executive without the associated overhead (typically on a monthly retainer), allowing for a cost-effective yet impactful collaboration. My intent is to integrate seamlessly into your team for the long term, ensuring continuity and consistency in our endeavors.

 Services Offerings

The Fractional L&D Engagement strategist 

KPI-driven learning and change leadership designed to measure, make scalable, fill, and optimize the revenue pipeline through getting the right talent upskilled and in place. On-boarding enhancement, infusing NLP and behavioral science designed to optimize training. This can be created for virtual or on-site sessions. Offered in 12-week sprints. Designed for companies that need to improve retention and upskill sales teams efforts and don’t want a full time EVP of L&D. yet.


2 to 12 hours per month (3-month term) of meetings and Change management development focused on gap-analysis and department SLA’s for leadership support to enable companies to get (or stay) on the right track when it comes to social and internal engagement. Designed to provide stop-gap and best practices for leadership and sales.

Weekly Sales Coach

Virtual Training- 1 to 4 hours per month. Focused on sales and communication skills needed to consult and sell in the most highly completive market. I use real data and real-time hunting and sales training using adult learning methodologies.

Formal Ongoing Sales Advisory 

Ongoing support, mentorship and advocacy on everything related to B2B2C strategy and coaching skills. This is where long-term collaboration would yield substantial value. Allows Managers to focus is metrics, while I focus on mindset to move the metrics and behaviors that sabotage ROI.

Monthly NLP Seminar/Training

Highly engaging interactive seminars are tailored to address the unique pain points and aspirations of your team.

Through our proprietary Hive-Minded approach, we combine data-driven insights with proven psychological principles to create immersive, action-oriented training programs. These programs foster a cohesive mindset, instilling accountability and driving measurable results. Using the feedback loop provided to your team, we use your challenges in our training to customize solutions on a monthly bases. However, the training extends far beyond one-time events. We work closely with your organization to develop customized learning materials, We then processes and step-by-step plan designed to achieve your desired ROI. This includes skill-bite videos for efficient onboarding and ongoing management development.

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Frisco, TX 75035


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