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This book is full of transformative stories from unstoppable super achievers including Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Real Estate Syndicators, Speakers, Authors, NFL Players and Mentors, a 2x US Memory Champion, PGA Tour Mentor and more.


Fans of Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, and Darren Hardy will discover stories of resilience full of applicable lessons and strategies about bouncing back from unbelievable circumstances that touch the heart and uplift the mind.

Kyle Wilson with Lisa Haisha, Keith Elias, Steve Fitzhugh, Nick Bradley, Ron White, Dr. Thomas Black, Chris Widener, Carla Lee Martinez, Nathan Ogden, A.M. Williams, Adam Buttorf, Alpesh Parmar, Anna Kelley, Carl Wehmeyer, Chad Kneller, Chelsea Newman, Diana Hightower, Doug Kelley, EJ Sansone, Glen Mather, Greg Zlevor, Daniel Zlevor, Howard Pierpont, Jared Christian, Josh & Emily Houser, Julian Sado, Justin Brooks, Justin Richards, Matthew Hayden, Meredith Besse Maggio, Michael Blank, Mike Coleman, Nicholas J. Scalzo, Paul M. White, Sean C. Na, Tammy Thrasher Mitchell, and Tim Hubbard seek to show you the power of resilience in your quest to achieve your dreams and goals!


You will read about overcoming financial ruin, battling health challenges both mental and physical, and surviving tragedies. You’ll read about persistence, courage, and unconventional approaches to challenges. From creators of bestselling books including Purpose, Passion & Profit, The One Thing That Changed Everything, Life-Defining Moments from Bold Thought Leaders, Mom & Dadpreneurs, The Little Black Book of Fitness, and Passionistas, these are not just feel-good stories, these are stories to move you to keep going and become more resilient in all aspects of your life!


Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback

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