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Now in my mid-fifties, I can vividly look back at how growing up, I dreamed of becoming an Olympic gymnast. At seven years old, I fell in love with the sport and was praised for my natural talent. My petite, fearless abilities caught the eye of legendary coaches Bela and Marta Karolyi, who saw shades of Nadia Comaneci in me. My obsession grew. I started training vigorously, eventually competing at the elite level nationally and internationally. My sights were set on winning gold in 1988.


But underneath my accomplishments, I struggled with anxiety, peer pressure, family dysfunction, and an eating disorder. To escape, I would starve myself for days, then binge and purge. This dangerous cycle was my secret dark side.

Though I didn't know it then, my extreme drive to perfection and avoidance of life's difficulties put incredible stress on my mind and body. I pushed myself to unhealthy limits that eventually led to severe injuries, ending my Olympic dreams abruptly.

In the years that followed, I distracted myself with marriage, children, and family life.

I portrayed an image of health and vitality. But inside, old pains and emotional trama still festered.


These traumas manifested into being diagnosed with cancer; not once, but twice.  

This life-threatening wake-up call forced me to stop running and finally address my emotional wounds. I realized I had been hiding parts of myself in shame for too long. To truly heal, I had to embrace my whole self - light and dark.

Through deep inward work, I found balance and strength. I rediscovered my passion for whole body wellness. Now I understand health comes from within. It's a state of being, not doing.

I enjoy sharing my journey and helping others overcome their inner battles. By achieving fitness of mind, body, and spirit, we can live with vibrance, wholeness, and joy. My imperfect path led me to a life of purpose.

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What's Different About Our Employee Wellness Program? 

Wellness is how we started.

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Training Together for Over 28 Years

  • Julian and Sandie met in the gym and are still in it daily supporting others. They find it to be one of the pillars in their mental well-being and personal growth

Taking an Old School - Personal Approach

  • We take an old school, personalized approach rather than relying on apps and points systems

  • By creating true connections with staff, we motivate them to work harder on themselves professionally and personally.

  • Both Julian and Sandie take a hands-on, personal interest in supporting staff wellness goals


What We Offer

  • Individual and small group discussions focused on fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing.

  • Real human interaction and support each step of the way.

  • A motivating but challenging path toward growth and fulfillment.


The Value of Hard Work

  • While others look for quick fixes, we know that nothing worthwhile is easy

  • With persistence and hard work, together we can achieve personal growth

You and your staff will have passionate Employee Ambassadors always looking for ways to encourage self care. 


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Achieve balance of body, mind, and spirit with our personalized coaching service. We will reach your health goals.


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Discover as we share best exercises and coach you on supplements, alternative ways to fuel your body and improve overall wellness. 


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through personal experience

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