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is the study of your subconscious to reveal the why behind all the decisions you make in your everyday life. These decisions, big or small, are driven by your emotions that are based from all your life's experiences that are stored in your subconscious mind.  
Using a combination of behavioral coaching, NLP, and Neuroscience studies, Sado will delve into your Detailed Emotional Memory Output (D.E.M.O) to uncover those subconscious triggers that may be holding you back from attaining the life you desire. 
Genuine change only happens by force of by chance through a decision that is cohesive with the heart and mind. Our inner-talk is like a whisper in our head that is continually telling us about ourselves, using our past as the imagery. This is why so many people say they want to be (You Name it) and repeat the same actions in life with the concept of "One day, I will...". 

Julian's mission is to influence individuals and companies by studying each one's own NeuroWhyology. This revolutionary way of thinking will have a positive impact on individuals and their families, companies' employee retention, brand, and business leadership. 

His seminars and coaching sessions will take you to another level of awareness towards your personal and business goals by combining all of these studies and techniques in human development potentiality. 

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