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Looking for an engaging professional speaker? 

Putting on a virtual or live event for your organization is a highly effective way to engage and inform a large audience in a short space of time.

Whether you have a specific message to impart to a team, or a wide-reaching vision for the whole company, bringing in an external speaker will deliver a fresh perspective and take your audience to a different place, all in 45 – 90 minutes!

Want to inspire your audiences to make change happen?

Julian has been  an sales and inspirational executive speaker to a variety of groups in various settings. Whether you need a speaker for your sales rally, team meeting, MBA, leadership team, as a keynote, banquet speaker, or for your conference, Julian has proven time and time again that audiences connect with him. He brings his street-smart style to each topic.


Guests frequently stay to talk with him afterwards and share how moved they were by listening to his amazing stories and analogies.  


Julian is a licensed behavioral coach and N.L.P practitioner infusing Neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and street-smart techniques to improve employee and individual performance.


He continues to show how advances in neuroscience and psychology reveal better and sustainable ways to drive engagement and achieve strategic goals. Julian is quickly becoming the advocate for change.


With over twenty years developing mindset programs within the corporate sector, Julian has been recognized for his out-of-the-box leadership and training programs working with C-suite, sales, and front-line managers.


All of Julian’s sessions come with downloadable workbooks ranging from Generation Z business tactics to Leadership and employee development

skills infusing the new sciences,

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Daymond John
CEO of FUBU Inc.
Shark Group 

"A Leading Expert on Leadership within Sales Service, Internal Brand, and Change Management, Using new discoveries in neuroscience and NLP. 

Continual learning about human drivers is an essential leadership quality during change. Leaders who engage with Julian are calm in a crisis, stand out from other's who don't understand human nature or their own subconscious triggers.  


Julian's unique, proven methodology, encapsulated in his coaching and virtual sessions puts personal awareness and dogma's and how to adjust at top of mind, His company specific skill-bite video's spark thinking and debate about how to Pivot 2 Change in such a fast moving environment.   

"A Leading Expert on Employee Mindset, Coaching, Development, Retention, and Customer Engagement/branding"  

Julian utilizes his experience as a kick-boxing coach, Talent Agent, and the new sciences combined in personal development, sales, and service to inspire change.

Designed exclusively with your leaders, cultural shifts, and human drivers in mind, Julian's sessions sparks thinking and debate about how adaptation to the new norms can be maximized in your organization through the positive use of NLP and science. 

Join Julian's Inner Circle Meeting


These seminars and training will encourage you to think in ways you’ve never done before. This revolutionary  way of studying human behavior will guide you closer toward your company’s goals.. 

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