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Julian has been  an inspirational speaker to a variety of groups in various settings. Whether you need a speaker for your sales rally, team meeting, MBA, leadership team, as a keynote, banquet speaker, or for your conference, Julian has proven time and time again that audiences connect with him. He brings his street-smart style to each topic.


Guests frequently stay to talk with him afterwards and share how moved they were by listening to his amazing stories and analogies.  


Julian's emotional intelligence workshop is amazing! His delivery and knowledge of the subject made the attendees wanting more. My whole group walked away with the tangible ideas to apply immediately as well as great theories they can ponder and work on over time. If you are looking to increase your sales and improve your human interactions take this workshop!  -


Chad Ogburn -

Sales Coach/Instructional Designer

Julian Sado - Workshops, Training, Speaking, Coaching
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