Julian has always found a fascination and passion for the many fields of Science: Epigenetics, Eastern Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Quantum Physics, to name a few. By combining a few of these areas of studies, he developed his own science-type program, NeuroWhyology®, after his many years of experience in consulting and working in Corporate America.  

The seminars and coaching programs he has designed have helped thousands of people understand how to achieve their own personal goals and, in-turn, become high performing employees, business leaders, and executives.







In his young adult years, he pursued the back-end of entertainment as a music talent agent with Bobby Ball, a pillar in assessing dancers and singers in casting for music video's and concerts for the likes of Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson and many others. Julian also took his networking and ability to consult to a new level with managing and working with ASCAP music publishing for their monthly showcase, to becoming a road manager/consultant. He worked with the likes of Keith Washington, Tracie Spencer, Luther Vandross, Tone Loc, and many others. Even with this busy and exciting lifestyle, he was ready to leave it to pursue something completely different.

Since the age of fourteen, Julian found a way to escape his dysfunctional life through fitness and the sport of Kick-boxing.  Fitness continued to be a priority and passion for him in his adulthood.  Leaving the entertainment world but utilizing his vast experience in boxing and his keen ability to network, he stepped back into fitness by developing his own kickboxing program known as Freestyle Boxing. He created a successful business by certifying instructors to teach his program in fitness studios throughout California and abroad.


In no time, his reputation flourished, and he became known as a fitness guru and celebrity kickboxing trainer. Julian worked closely with Sugar Ray Lenard, Jennifer Lopez, Craig T. Nelson, Bill Bellamy, Linda Hamilton, Jennifer Beals, Brian Bosworth, and many more. He was a guest on MTV Beach House, international talk-shows, and was featured in several sport magazines.


Looking back at where it all started, Julian grew up in Los Angeles, CA, the heart of the entertainment world. after living on his own at the age of 16, gangs, homelessness, and a host of deaths in his family, including his father's passing of colon cancer, his career began as a young teen landing a record deal with Capitol Records. His hopes and dreams of making it big in the music world was short lived and ended as quickly as it came. Later, he created a cartoon that was picked up by Warner Bros Pictures.  That venture, too, didn’t thrive to its full potential.  Although both these attempts failed, he was left with unforgettable experiences and lessons learned. 

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Creating a kickboxing street-smart seminar, corporations hired him to speak to their employees to broaden their awareness with street safety, home protection, and an overall healthy lifestyle. By forming close relationships and being a guest speaker with numerous large companies like USAA, Wells Fargo, GE, and AT&T, his business evolved from helping people develop their physical fitness to inspiring them to grow in their mental fitness.

Through all these different journeys and amazing experiences, Julian's passion for personal development and truth always drove him to learn as much as he could about the human mind. His studies and training has included Religious studies at the Master's College, to becoming a graduate of Executive Coaching University, and American Hypnosis Association; along with holding certifications with Sinn Delaney, Center for Business Solutions, and Situational Leadership through the Ken Blanchard Companies;


Julian has continued his studies and test cases in N.L.P, neuroscience, and employee coaching within service and sales cultures.


Julian has grown into a successful keynote speaker and behavioral coach utilizing NeuroWhyology®. He is a coauthor of the book, “Resilience: Turning Your Setback Into a Comeback”, #1 Best Seller on Amazon and is releasing another book "NeuroWhyology®: The Street-Smart Approach To Reinventing Yourself”, June,  2019.


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