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You have too many, and you normally wear the same ones over and over again.


Julian Sado 


# 1 Best Selling Amazon Author, Speaker, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Behavioral Coach-SNLP, CLC, CEIC

Julian Sado is an experienced consultant and passionate keynote speaker, facilitator, and coach specializing in business consulting, personal development, along with sales and service perceptions. He has worked with numerous mortgage and real estate companies, top producers, and Influencers within various types of service-centric professions. 

Julian has one of the most diverse background; Homeless at 15, to Hollywood entertainment, to celebrity fitness, to Corporate Influencer. He brings depth and understanding to the new POWERFUL employee and consumer mindset. He has rapidly gained popularity for providing a fresh perspective within several service minded industries including employee retention. and morale. using several sciences, not limited to Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP)neuroscienceemotional intelligence. and  behavioral coaching,
He has developed his own program called NeuroWhyology® and has been tagged the Behavioral Analyst and has written a book "The Inter View with Self" (being released  2022) that breaks down the subconscious mind and how it determines your level of success and comforts.




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With Linda and Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo)

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. Homeless at 15, surviving on pure street-smarts and a history of traumatic experiences.  As long as I can remember, I found a way to escape my dysfunctional life through music, imagination, and eventually utilzing the sport of competitive kickboxing to distract me.  By age of 18, I became a teen idol landing a record deal with Capitol Records. In my early twenties, I created a cartoon that was picked up by Warner Bros. Pictures then dropped.  I found attention in acting, and dancing.  In-between all of this, at the same time, I battled depression, gang violence, theft, death, and much more.
Eventually, I found my place as a Talent Agent and found great success assessing and casting dancers and singers for music videos and concerts; Working with such artist as;  Madonna, Prince, Tone Loc, Jennifer Lopez and many others.: along with consulting for ASCAP and The Soul Train Music Awards,

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With Sugar Ray Leonard 

With a dysfunctional upbringing, the life of a talent agent created a lifestyle that was the polar opposite of healthy living. Depression along with what's called Cognitive Dissonance within me is what pushed me to actions that sabotaged my success. I continually felt this void and it led me to some dark places. 


As a way to survive, I thought, if I reinvent myself, it would help I quit the entertainment world, thinking that was the issue., moved to Malibu, CA, and used my background as a kick-boxer and took advantage of the boxing craze. 


I quickly gained recognition, created videos, developed my own boxing program and gear. Due to the number of contracts I had with health clubs throughout California, I hired instructors to teach  under my banner.  This generated a six figure income and awarded me opportunities to be featured in magazines, working with super-models, and people like Sugar Ray Leonard,  Craig T. Nelson, Bill Bellamy, and many others. This led me to fight-coordinating and traveling abroad to certify instructors in the art of Kick-Boxing instruction for fitness gyms. 

Special note from Julian Sado 


With Lisa Haisha

Keynote Speaker, Life & Business Mentor, TV Host

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With Mike Muhney

The co-inventor of Act! CRM

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With Tom Ziglar

Ziglar Inc.

On the outside, I appeared as if I had broken the cycle and had it all! Even though, I was successful, associated with successful people, I found myself self-destructive AGAIN, feeling the same low emotions and acting out the same behaviors. The day I was featured on MTV Beach House with Bill Bellamy, was a day I hit rock bottom emotionally and almost took my own life for the second time.


It was during this low time I had a breakdown.  All of my childhood trauma's and habitual need to survive, feelings of being unworthy came to the surface.  The pressures of maintaining the persona of "I'm great" was too much to handle.  I decided to sell my fitness business and reinvent myself  again. This time, as a Life Insurance sales agent. 


WOW...what a culture shock!  From workout clothes to suits and talking about death put me in a new world. I lost contact with all of my celebrity friends and now associated with financial planners. I did not fit in! One reason I felt that I did not belong was due to many of the most successful people I had met in this new industry of mine where the most unhealthy people I have ever met, Feeling lost, now working at becoming a top producer, I neglected my own health and developed health and mental issues like many of those I followed. 


I was fortunate to met Jim Rohn (Tony Robbins mentor).  He pulled me aside and said "In order to change, you have to change". He was not talking about my career this time. Along with Dan Sullivan (The Strategic Coach) and several other high achievers who lived in Sedona, AZ. I eventually stumbled upon my very own Mr. Miyagi's (something I never had before). I began to talk about my emotional triggers that stemmed from my past as a child. They  all showed me how to connect-the-dots between my actions and the subconscious mind.


I was shocked to learn, none of these mentors studied sales techniques or business and many, where high school drop-outs. They were hidden billionaires, with trillion dollar minds who had already lived much of their lives.


I quickly noticed the contrast between their perception of success Hollywood, corporate, or sales success.  Now, I felt as if I tapped into a new kind of awareness. One that did not focus on a persona of happiness but living it and, I wanted it.


What these mentors shared were the things left out of motivation and self-help programs.  They did not package this knowledge or make it easy for me to understand. They directed me to some real soul searching and learning.


I ended up diving into Greek philosophy from the 6th century BC. to learn they all studied ancient Egypt, and ancient India Sanskrit and philosophy. This lead me to World Religions and  Mesopotamia knowledge. 

These mentors knew what is now been most recently discovered! They showed me the people of history like Tesla, Michael Angelo, Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, and even Napoleon Hill all dove deep into these teachings,. 

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Keisha Howard

You have to hear Julian speak!

"You have to hear Julian tie his amazing stories into leadership and personal development.
There is no other seminar leader with such a diverse wealth of experiences in so many areas of  life. 


Ancient studies from over 5,000 years ago –

Sacred threads of words and phrases woven together to raise your energy and open the doors to your higher consciousness.


N.L.P does just that with words and how they impact your perception of your reality.

I never considered the power of my own thoughts and emotions. I simply reacted to them. I started noticing how hypnotic the world seemed. The majority of the people I knew at the time followed the masses to the next trend.  

It was not long after, I began to work harder on myself then I did on my job. This was a statement shared by Jim Rohn. I began studying the science of thoughts, energy, and emotions. I saw how my subconscious continued to play and rewind negative thoughts, reminding me of an image of myself that was based off past emotional defenses. I gravitated my attention to emotional intelligence, N.L.P, Behavioral Coaching, and Neuroscience; Only to discover, all of these fields of study were connected. with world Religions and Eastern Philosophy I had already been absorbing.

Using what I call your Determined Emotional Memory and it's Output (D.E.M.O), I created a coaching and development program for businesses and individuals that connects to the individual inner-thinking to show how our life has been a repeatable song that we are most comfortable playing. The subconscious is always looking for the path of least resistance which is why it's difficult to change. 

With new discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience, we now have a visual image of the spiritual realm but, it's called science. Science has become the new venue to learn about the human spirit and it's potential. -  Julian Sado

I had learn to fear, focusing on the “What if’s”, stress, and acting as if everything was normal. It took some real neuro-hacking to discover that no matter what industry, the subconscious behaviors that inhibit anyone from reaching "real" success in their physical, emotional, and professional life has more to do with subconscious beliefs.

After becoming a top producer in sales, I ended up consulting with Raytheon, traveling the globe working within several industries including mortgage.  I was asked to develop team building programs for Raytheon's  defense Engineers after the merge with Hughes Aircraft. 


After 911, I decided to continue my studies and stayed in the States.  Even after the mortgage crash, I continued to test what I had learned with front line employees. I was the winner of the top award for my employee satisfaction and production 8 out of 9 years as a front-line production manager.  All of which, were products of combining what I learned. 

Since then, I have continued my test-cases and studies. I now have a proven and tested system of customized consulting, ongoing training, and one-on-one coaching; NeuroWhyology®, to maximize every customer touch-point.

I show individuals, groups, and leaders how each interaction can exponentially transform the customer, employee, and individual experience, and just as importantly, how they can enrich your own lives. 


My mission is to show others that business and life are connected and it has very little to do with content, but more about context and experience.

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Julian has been  an inspirational speaker to a variety of groups in various settings. Whether you need a speaker for your sales rally, team meeting, MBA, leadership team, as a keynote, banquet speaker, or for your conference, Julian has proven time and time again that audiences connect with him. He brings his street-smart style to each topic.

Julian has helped thousands of individuals build their personal brand, sales, and service teams by transforming their inner-self talk and rewiring their concepts of success and leadership.

Julian's most popular topics are EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT, DIVERSITY, RETENTION WORKPLACE MORALE/DEPRESSION, COMPANY CULTURE, PERFORMANCE METRICS, REMOTE/OUTSOURCE EMPLOYEES, GOALS, LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION, CHANGE LEADERSHIP, AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Each one includes an array of unique street-smart approaches, stories, exercises, and visual interactions so that anyone in attendance can understand the power of the mind as it relates to personal and business improvement.


Guests frequently stay to talk with him afterwards and share how moved they were by listening to his amazing stories and analogies.  

NAMMBA Los Angeles, CA




One size does not fit all, and this mentality is woven to the core of our Julian’s  prescriptive approach, which has guided the development of his completely customized  leadership, retention, morale, sales and service performance programs.


His perspective is fresh and unique enabling him to become a long-term trusted P.E.O. partner.


In today’s competitive marketplace, your business, your inner-thoughts of your business, and your daily grind must be aligned with the way your clients perceive their experience. On average over 1,400 people hear about one negative experience with a company. Your sales and support teams energy and feelings towards what they do is expressed and now it's picked up by everyone they come into contact with. This is why it's a must to have the skills to convert emotional states into a lasting positive brand. 


These programs infuse lessons in behavioral coaching, NLP, and neuroscience to show the human drivers. Julian take an holistic approach to improving sales and service performance.  


The speed to market is evolving faster than organizations can adapt. Companies are increasingly steering toward the future by investing in their on-line sales, systems, and process flow, but they rarely capture the results they desire. While the ability to maintain infrastructure, retain good employees, and manage remote employees continues to add a sense of urgency on executive leadership to remain competitive and relevant in the market place, learning how is a time consumption many don't have.


The new cultural dynamics that drive change is best done when you utilize an outside source to view the change from a non-bias perspective.  Julian's Pivot 2 Change program inspires teams and has been a proven way to create a communication and awareness program that has been adopted by Diversity leaders, change management, and Human Resources departments. Julian is far enough removed that his suggestions will empower individuals and increase company morale. Julian 22+ years in the consulting and change-agent industry also allows him to provide strategies needed to expand the organization’s brand. 


Julian's focus is to help you attain employee and customer loyalty using the science behind what motivates people. Utilizes neuroscience combined with emotional intelligence, N.L.P, and behavioral coaching, he will empower individuals and build on powerful synergy for your team that is often missed by other training's.

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Nothing of value is ever easy, so stop trying to sell people on this. 

Julian Sado

With Stewart Parker


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Julian is known as the Coach to the Coaches. He works with some of the biggest influencers of today. His confidentiality and professionalism with his clients is what makes him so powerful. He provides robust critique of their message and helps them with synergy and clarity in their own personal development.
Julian takes coaching to an entirely new level. Using NLP and Applied Kinesiology techniques known as Psych K and sometimes infusing boxing, He helps you get in tune with the emotional subconscious triggers that determine your perceptions.
Virtual Coaching is done using FaceTime or Zoom, where Julian brings attention to the body movement and breathing using NLP. 
Click here to learn more about coaching, 

With Kimberly Guilfoyle

Political analyst, journalist, attorney,

Co-hosted The Five on Fox News.

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Newy Scruggs Channel 5.jpg

With Newy Scruggs

American sportscaster, radio show host, and Emmy-Award winner. 



With every Mortgage Bank, there is a structure on how employees should operate, manage, and perform. Many times, the focus is procedure over people. The complexity of different departments, metrics, and focus, the human (your employee) by nature finds any structure to be fixed, and, by nature overtime burns out. 


Julian’s has over two decades in the mortgage industry which allows him to offer coaching that is unique. He does not use previous successes as a way to measure another individuals pipeline, business, or brand. 

The goal is to help your individual leadership, sales and service teams understand the neuroscience and NLP within all communication. Individuals will come to understand the power of words and how it can effect the human emotion.  In doing so, this may help them align an action plan that is strategic on the human drivers, not the external metrics.


Your employees are the driving force to your success, so Julian makes them the interest and priority. Creating   processes flows from best practices within the industry.  

It's not about how many calls you make anymore, it's about what energy you're expressing during that one call that creates success.   

Julian Sado


Inner Circle Mastermind

Most recently, Julian and his team have become more vocal on cultural depression and suicide and how it impacts employee performance. He has brought awareness and resources to working parents and companies by offering up workshops and seminars on how to navigate the wave of subliminal influences bombarding our culture today.


His mission to bring awareness of the new cultural norms and the impact it has on our perceptions. He has begun to share his message on Podcast, Radio, and company lunch-and-learns. If you have interest in providing this for your employees, Click here to learn more. 


As a private coach to coaches, Julian also consults executives, celebrities, and known influencers of today within mastermind groups on the science behind how to "Neuro-Hack" yourself. He consults and offers up content for them to use within their own brand and business. 


Julian’s academic career has spanned 30+ years. He's done work on poverty and psychology for UCLA, worked on his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) from The Master’s University in southern California, and is a on-going student of Dr. Joe Despenza Progressive Workshops on neuroscience. He is also an alumni of the Executive Coaching University and a member of the American Hypnosis Association.  Julian holds certifications with Sinn Delaney, Center for Business Solutions, and Situational Leadership through the Ken Blanchard Companies.

Julian Continues to guide individuals toward a better future through his life-transforming seminars, coaching, and consulting.

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what are people saying 

Business development is a personal matter because no matter what, you're personally there.  

Julian Sado

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