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After leaving the entertainment world as a Talent Agent to becoming International fitness/Kickboxing trainers, Julian and Sandie had kids (Well, Sandie had them) and they both pivoted and took on corporate America within sales.


From top producing to becoming Leaders in their respected fields, they struggled with the restrictions put on them through a J.O.B,  protocols, processes, and stresses that came with working for someone else.  



Julian was fortunate to met Jim Rohn (Tony Robbins Mentor).  He pulled Julian aside and said "In order to change, you have to change". He was not talking about the career.  Along with Dan Sullivan (The Strategic Coach) and several other high achievers who lived in Sedona, AZ. Julian began to  to connect-the-dots between his actions and the subconscious mind.


Coming from the world of Entertainment and sales success, Julian was shocked to learn, none of these mentors studied sales techniques or business and many, where high school drop-outs. They were hidden billionaires, with trillion dollar minds who had already lived much of their lives.


He quickly noticed the contrast between their perception of success Hollywood, corporate, or sales success.  Julian admits, he felt as if he had tapped into a new kind of awareness. One that did not focus on a persona of happiness but living it and, I wanted it.

The KickBoxing class that started it all
Japan Magazine
Julian and J Lo
Tracy Spencer R& B Singer
Julian and Sugar Ray
Julian magazine
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Japanese Magazine
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Japanese Fitness Magazine
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How many people in your organization graduated school with the  thought that they would be working for you? 

How do they interpret and view themselves if working for you was not their plan? 

What these mentors shared were the things left out of motivation and self-help programs.  They did not package this knowledge or make it easy for Julian to understand. There was no 3-step program to success for him. They directed Julian to some real soul searching and learning.


That is when Julian spent over a year in Sedona and dove into Greek philosophy from the 6th century BC. to learn they all studied ancient Egypt, and ancient India Sanskrit and philosophy. This lead him to World Religions and  Mesopotamia knowledge. 

These mentors knew what is now been most recently discovered! They showed Julian the people of history like Tesla, Michael Angelo, Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie, and even Napoleon Hill all dove deep into these teachings,. 

With the help of personal mentors like Jim Rohn and many others, Julian began learning how they were sabotaging their own success and happiness through habitual emotional reactions and thinking.  


Eventually Julian gravitated his attention into emotional intelligence, N.L.P, Behavioral Coaching, and Neuroscience; Only to discover, all of these fields of study were connected with world Religions and Eastern Philosophy that he had already been absorbing.


Ancient studies from over 5,000 years ago

Sacred threads of words and phrases woven together to raise your energy and open the doors to your higher consciousness.


N.L.P does just that with words and how they impact your perception of your reality.

Julian has been training and coaching using his in-depth studies for over 25 years.


He has made a living being behind the scenes developing much of the mind-science content you see on mainstream/YouTube today.  Not long ago, this was considered New Age, so you could image how Julian was viewed back then. 

Now with Gen-Z in the workforce, the lack of connection between us all, it's even more important to understand the human mind.


Your business has to adapt. You can't rely on legacy systems, training, and management styles.

We are the resource that focuses on the front-line Leaders and the support staff.

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People skills account for 80% of your success as a Leader
Technical skills account for 80% of your success as an individual
Most leaders are promoted by their metrics (Technical) 

The 80% now promoted, are the ones leading your teams, but do little in the area of understanding the human drivers.

Sure, they may take some training but as humans, we normally play to the habits already in place and the old process are repeated. 

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Julian Sado speaking
American Dream show
Kevin P, Julian S
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Think MultiFamily Seminar Sept 2018
Julian Sado & Terrell Davis
Julian and Don
NAMBA with Sandie

Using Pivot 2 Change, identifies immediate opportunities around what we call  the

Human Operating System (HOS) 

that impact productivity. This is done by intentionally inserting ourselves within

Training, Recruiting, Leadership (Virtual & On-site).

Imagine consistent DEI/Retention and Culture messaging and methodology throughout your entire support system.  

me and Tom Ziglar.JPG

With Tom Ziglar
Ziglar Inc.

Gary V and I_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Gary Vee
Chairman of VaynerX CEO VaynerMedia, Author

Daymond John FUBU and I.png

Damon John
CEO of FUBU Inc. Shark Group 

me and Don Hobbs.jpg

Don Hobbs
EXP Realty Sales Coach
Top 25 Most Influential in Real Estate 

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Julian Sado

Author, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Behavioral Coach -SNLP, CLC, CEIC

Human Strategist on employee engagement, and Leadership imperatives (Change Agent) 

Julian has one of the most diverse background; Homeless at 15, to Hollywood entertainment, to celebrity fitness, to Corporate Influencer. He brings depth and understanding to the new POWERFUL employee and consumer mindset and has rapidly gained popularity for providing a fresh perspective within several service minded industries. Julian studies and training has made him the go-to expert on Virtual Leadership, Customer Perception (Sales/Service) DEI, Retention, Recruiting, and Culture/Brand using several sciences, not limited to Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP)neuroscienceemotional intelligenceand  behavioral coaching,  


Julian has consulted and worked with over 40 businesses raising awareness on how to change the subconscious stories that inhibit change. Using his adaptation of science in business, he has tested and has proven his theories through transformational consulting, seminars, and coaching throughout the country.


Julian’s has done work on poverty and psychology for UCLA, studied for his Master of Arts in Cultural Studies (MACS) from The Master’s University in southern California, certified through the Stagen Leadership Academy, and is an on-going student of Dr. Joe Dispenza Progressive Workshops.  He is also an alumnus of the Executive Coaching University and a member of the American Hypnosis Association. Julian holds certifications with DISC, Franklin Covey, and Sinn Delaney, Center for Business Solutions.

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Employee Fitness (INWARD FIT) + Nutrition + Employee Recognition Campaigns   

From the age of seven Sandie was training to be an Olympic star. At age fourteen Sandie began to train with the elite gymnastics team with Bela Karolyi in Houston TX. to become an Olympic  Gymnast. 


Sandie competed Nationally for several years going after the Gold in the 1988 Olympics. This leads her to learn all she could about  nutrition and fitness and continued her studies eventually graduating from UCLA with a major in Biology.


Sandie understands through her own life experience, the struggles faced in today’s society when it comes to eating habits, image, self-worth, and measuring up. She is inspiring for all willing to do the hard things to get what they want in life. 

Sandie has developed award wining employee recognition programs that has improved not only employee satisfaction but has gotten noticed by clients wanting to join in on the recognition programs too. 

Dalila Ramos Taco Tueday DEI.jpg


Diversity + Inclusion Sourcing
Brand Awareness + Media Campaigns

Dalila, best known for her Taco Tuesday's Talks w/Dalila series, has been in the mortgage industry for over 21yrs.


Ramos specializes in building relationships, helps build brand awareness, and attracts talent through her deep mortgage industry network.


A Chicago native who is bilingual, Dalila is passionate about home-ownership within women, single mothers, and the minority community. Along with introducing college students and future generations to the mortgage industry.

Chris Weiher Cleaver Creative _edited.jpg

Chris Weiher 

Marketing, Social media, #Video marketing, + Video editing creation + digital marketing, 

Chris has no story. He is all about how to grow your businesses into massive brands using video.


He uses state of the art techniques to keep your audience engaged with you, your content, and your business by leveraging your true unique style of communication and finding the things that separate you from your competition.


If asked, he would say, it's all about social media and digital marketing.


CONSULT                                         COACH                                         DEVELOP                                         ADAPT


Julian offers such wonderful insight and advice to both individuals and teams on leadership, emotional intelligence, and human nature. We have been honored to have him lead several discussions through our education platform, TMConnect, over the past 6 months and have received wonderful feedback both from our members as well as our staff! He is a great asset!

Amy (Amy Appleton) Boor

 Education and Events Coordinator,

The Mortgage Collaborative


Bringing awareness to cultural depression


Most recently, Julian and his team have become more vocal on cultural depression and suicide and how it impacts employee performance. Since COVID, depression has increased by 





The mission to bring awareness of the new cultural norms and the impact it has on our perceptions. We have begun to share his message on Podcast, Radio, and company lunch-and-learns. If you have interest in providing this for your employees, let us know. 

coaches clinic.jpg

We have brought awareness and resources to working parents. teachers, and companies by offering up workshops and seminars on how to navigate the wave of subliminal influences bombarding our culture today.

Julian speaking at SMU at NTFCA Clinic with to all of the Football Coaches from Colleges to High Schools throughout TX.

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