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Events and Outreach Manager



The best way to have an amazing life, is make it your mission to help others have one! I love to inspire and help others find their "Why" in their life. By doing this, my mission and my "Why" in life is fulfilled.

Mission of this Position

We are looking for an Events and Outreach Manager to help plan and execute our events and to connect Julian and the growing team with businesses who want to get in front of the change within the culture. Someone willing to get in touch with influencers, media, and events where he can speak to expand the mission of our company. This is an incredible opportunity for an energetic, passionate professional to manage our public presence and provide world-class level hospitality and experiences to our customers. This is a energetic position for someone who loves people and can be self-directed and have some occasional travel. willing to travel. If this sounds like you, keep reading

If you are passionate about changing the world through mindfulness and the science of human transformation, if you are obsessed with building lasting relationships and seeing the impact your work will have on the state of depression, worthless, and a host of emotional triggers, then, maybe there was a reason you clicked on this link.


Pivot 2 Change, LLC is based in Dallas, TX. It is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). designed to assist businesses with sales, employee leadership, training, and management skills. It is built on adult training methodologies, leadership development, and personal business etiquette using neuroscience, NLP, and behavioral coaching.

This is an 20% commission-based position with unlimited potential. Average of $11,000 per month (1099). 


Pivot 2 Change takes pride in building long lasting relationships with our client companies. You can work remotely, in your home or area.


Are you interested in an opportunity to be a part of a start-up company that is all about problem solving and creativity in using leadership, sales, and service development in both individual and team environments?


What Will Set You Apart?

  • Experience working independently in the field

  • Innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, open to new ideas and challenges

  • Strategic thinker with ability to build rapport easily with customers and colleagues

  • Leadership aptitude and skill. Highly developed verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong listening and presentation skills

  • Well-organized with highly effective time and activity management skills

  • Good problem-solving skills

Contact Julian so he can chat about this great opportunity. He is not conventional, so he does not need your resume. If you want to be a game-changer, let's just talk about  your vision on how this would happen. 

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