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Senela Jayasuriya

Women Icons Asia Award. Board Member. Author. Keynote speaker. Founder of 1 Million Women in Power. DEI Chair. Certified expert - Innovation, PAS & Transformation. Top 150 Women Leaders (Global) Award.

 I heard Julian share on a thought-leadership panel on "Trust" and I appreciated how thorough and refreshing his perspectives were. His grasp and expertise as a neuro-linguistic behavioral coach on human nature and the workings of the subconscious makes his approach to retention, leadership & DEI impactful and holistic. 

Dr. Karl Jawhari

Speaker, Educator =, Chiropractor, and Health Coach

I  was blown away on what micro-messaging does to our bodies, energy, and life satisfaction. For that reason, I asked him to teach my staff how their repetitive thoughts, actions, and subconscious impact our patients, one-another. He did an amazing job using real world life experiences, humor, and group exercises that made us laugh at ourselves and create a call-to-action that has impacted my office staff.

David Hill

Footwear Sourcing + Development + Manufacturing Partner | 40+ years helping brands create high-quality shoes @ competitive pricing delivered on-time

Julian is a huge influence in my every day life, Julian is truly a gift to anyone that has the pleasure of engaging with him. He brings out the best in those who strive to always become better versions of themselves everyday. He is a one-of-a-kind mentor that will help change your life. He has helped shape my approach to leadership and my outlook on life and I couldn't recommend him enough to anyone looking to level themselves up in life.


Andrew Lord.jpg

Andrew  Lord

Assistant Vice President 

Mortgage Relationship Manager at Morgan Stanley

Julian has been a huge influence in my career and his inspiration still carries me. Julian Sado has a gift. He brings out the best in those who strive for something, have goals, and want to be the best version of themselves. He is one of the few people in my life that if I had as a leader when I served in the military, I probably would’ve never got out.

alex moneton.jpg

Julian really helped me see past some of my personal limitations, and helped me realize that the golden nugget I had ignored, with huge potential, was already within my reach. I just couldn't see it. He helped me open my eyes to it, and I cannot thank him enough for the growth it has spurted in me.

Don Hobbs EXP - Executive Coach & Trainer

Realtor Magazine’s “Top 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate,” Founding Partner, Hobbs Herder Advertising


Catina Powell MBA, NSLS, DMD 

Julian was a awesome to work with. Since the day he walked in Capital One he had this inspiring, positive look about him.Julian inspired me to be all I can be in my career and he gave me another perspective of how to motivate people and their interest. Julian is a natural motivator and a great public speaker. He engages the crowd and is knowledgeable of how to connect with people on all levels. He brings charisma everywhere he is present! He is a great mentor and one I would always remember in times to come.

Chris milton.jpg

Chris Milton - Father/Husband

Julian has been an inspiration, mentor, teacher, manager and friend to me for the past 9 years. Through his life stories, the lessons he taught me and the challenges he has laid at my feet, he has taught to not only be a better employee and leader but to be a better father, husband and inspiration to others. I have only encountered a hand full of people in my 34 years that have been able to inspire me in such ways. To say that I am who I am today without Julian would be a massive fabrication of the truth. His teachings are imprinted on almost everything I do. I would recommend Julian as a mentor or life coach to anyone. 

Brooke .jpg

Brooke Prim - Loan Coordinator at Success Mortgage Partners 

Julian is a dedicated and motivated professional. I can hear and see the passion he has in training people to excel in their workplace. I had the pleasure of sitting in for his Emotional Intelligence class and I look forward to attending a few more of his classes in the future. Above all, I was impressed with Julian’s ability to keep us engaged and interacted during his class/presentation. You were awesome. Thank you so much!

 Adam Buttorff

Owner - Renowed Roofing Company Dallas, TX


Ron Toye Loan Officer, CrossCountry Mortgage

The class Julian taught on EQ changed my career trajectory. It not only helped my professional life but my personal life, too. His approach to the subject was refreshing and inspirational. I left the meeting with such a passion for EQ and NLP that I have read almost anything I could get my hands on. I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't attend his seminar.



I have been fortunate enough to call Julian a friend and mentor for the last year and a half. Julian has a proven track record for understanding and educating in human nature and emotional intelligence and, more importantly, laying it out in layman’s terms. I have been fortunate enough to participate in a weekly Circle of Influence meeting with Julian and other thought leaders across multiple industries; through this tool, I have gotten to know Julian both personally and professionally. Through Julian’s coaching and mentorship, I can honestly say that I have improved my understanding of Natural Language Processing and the neuroscience of body language, thus helping me be a better HR leader for my employee population.

I would highly recommend attending one of his lectures/educational seminars to help facilitate positive change within your organization. I guarantee his insight will be a value add to you personally as well as professionally.


Juereta Smith - Consultant

Julian is a conscientious entrepreneur and Business Coach who is willing to go beyond what is expected in order to produce a worthwhile product and/provide a high level of service. He is creative and is willing to explore new ideas. As a Coach, he recognizes the impact the personal lives employees have on their work and is committed to taking actions that will enhance not only the work environment but also the personal lives of those who work for him. Julian is fastidious projects and he is a strong and able leader.

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