Using Neuro-linguistic Programming (N.L.P), Neuroscience, and behavioral coaching, I will show you how the subconscious mind impacts your daily thoughts and actions. With street-smart exercises and a host of fun activities, you will walk away with many "aha" discoveries that will help you develop your personal and business life.

Below are some of our key training programs. All of the courses are unique, specially customized for the participants and highly interactive. They are available in different length formats ranging from 5-15 minute video -bites, 30 minute introduction workshops, 1 to 2-Hour Workshops, Half-Day, Full-Day and 2-Day programs. These are offered to small and large groups, Video conference. Participants can also use these services combined with one-on-one personalized coaching.

Please get in touch with us to get more information about any of the above or programs and courses.

None of our seminars or workshops are canned. All of them are modified to your specific team needs, market, and business. 

most popular 

Workplace Depression & Morale

How to recognize mental health/P.T.S.D and ways to build positive work-spaces. In the office and with remote employees.

D.E.M.O of Emotional Intelligence

How to apply Emotional Intelligence in your everyday life and the common elements to be aware of to make it applicable in your life..

NLP, The Subconscious Connection

Words that impact how we interact, connect, and struggle within sales, service and leadership.

The Science Behind Retention

The cultural shifts that has changed  the workforce and perception of leadership and how to adapt to create better retention. 

Adaptation of Leadership

(Diversity/Inclusion/Gen Z) – What Leaders need to know about the new power employee and consumer.

People over Process

The psychology of group thinking and how to separate yourself from it.

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