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Does your team need a 3rd eye to impact and influence change?

Team Meeting

Change is due to inspiration or desperation

(Virtual or in-person) 


Without a change agent, companies’ current process flows, existing protocols, and responsibilities become the priority and will eventually take the focus off of the desired change. 


This is because the cultural dynamics that drive change in an organization need to come from an outside source to view the change from a non-bias perspective. 

Consultants often solve the problem more quickly, get better results, and are less expensive over the long term.

With support and guidance from Pivot 2 Change, collaboration between silos is an internal bridge with executives that helps accelerate your organization’s progress.


Behind every evolving enterprise there is a human narrative, rich with stories of people learning, struggling, and eventually mastering how to drive a unified strategy. 


In today’s competitive marketplace, ANY perceived negative experience shared (Internally or externally) reaches over 1,400 people with a simple click.


This is why you can't rely on legacy training, managing styles, or so called culture branding that has no commitment by front-line employees or Leaders.

Advances in neuroscience and psychology reveal better and sustainable ways to drive engagement and achieve strategic goals.


Let’s talk

Business Leaders admit, the cost to doing business is increasing while the struggle in getting quality work from employees is getting more difficult.


Faced with virtual employment, Gen Z business out-performing Legacy leadership styles, and the lost of attention-span by staff, along with the compounded stresses everyone is facing;  Onboarding, company culture, brand, and individual engagement is at an all time low and this impacts your ROI. 


The normal reaction to keeping up, companies turn to technology and focus on streamlining processes and bringing in new vendors WITHOUT eliminating other processes or procedures to only compounds the stress the staff already feels towards change.


Along with all of this, companies are still providing outdated training, onboarding with long talk-time overwhelming new hires and existing employees with data and cheat-sheets thinking that will solve the human dilemma. In the end, culture becomes ground-hogs day and the cost to hire and fire becomes an accepted redline. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

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