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Fractional Sales & Leadership Engagement Strategist

Jennifer Lopez
In Living Color Late Night Show

Before Corporate, I was a top Talent Agent in Hollywood, CA working with some of the most influential figures.


Due to the lifestyle and many other factors, I unexpectedly gave up casting dancers and musicians for well known artiest, video's and concerts to pursue the fitness industry. 

  • I became the Fight Coordinating with Sony Pictures

  • Developed thirty-eight boxing programs for gyms throughout California, 

  • Trained and employed 27 kickboxing instructors

  • Designed and sold my own Boxing gear now called Revgear

  • Had global recognition (Japan) as the Boxing Developer for Health Clubs.

Sugar Ray Leonard 
 Winning world titles in five weight classes.

I did this all by going to these health clubs and talking directly to the owners and the decision makers, showing my value. I had recognized the gap in the aerobic boxing space.

This all started as a way to escape from the so-called successful life in Hollywood, but eventually exposed my talent in B2B sales and team engagement.


With the number one kickboxing class in Southern California, with a month long waiting list to join, I instantly knew how to tap into the human drivers that created personal brand and value.


This endeavor made me a global fitness guru at the time. .

boxing magazine_edited_edited.jpg

Now, having worked with over sixty C-suite Leaders, with over 2,000 salespeople and Gen-Z business owners, I can show you how to tap into your super powers, 



In response to this highly competitive environment, personal branding is more important than ever. From leadership to sales, branding is infused into self promotion/marketing and it has nothing to do with your product or services.


In the next 2-5 years, anyone looking to make a good living will need to have more visibility and seize exciting opportunities when they arise.


Your Brand is based around your ability to understand generational communication, tell a story,  being vulnerable, and applying behavioral methodology along with NLP, drawing on your life. Most sales people and leaders are afraid to be themselves because they work for a company and hide behind products and services.

This is the area in business where Gen-Z is killing Legacy style Leadership and sales. It's time you catch up. 

Tom Ziglar
Ziglar Inc. 

Newy Scruggs
NBC 5 Sports Director Newy Scruggs is a multiple Emmy Award winning sportscaster.

Kimberly Guilfoyle 
Former Fox News Anchor

My Story

When I left the world of entertainment and fitness to take on sales in Life Insurance, At first, I failed hard.


I was depressed to the edge of feeling suicidal. I had lost all of my so-called celebrity friends like Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lopez.

At the end of my rope, I ended up in Sedona Arizona and met mentors like Tony Robbins' Sage Jim Rohn. and many others, some of which knew Napoleon Hill personally.  

These billionaires with monk mindsets took interest in me for whatever reason. They lived simply, but owned sports teams , Banks, and products I used daily.


Their wisdom exposed the illusion of success that I'd chased for so long. Beyond entertainment, fitness and finance, they modeled actual fulfillment.


It was these sages that directed me to dig deep within by unlocking my subconscious patterns that kept repeating in my life to see who the real enemy was.

I emersed myself into  Greek philosophy, Sanskrit texts, world religions and neuroscience - discovering universal threads of self-knowledge, sales, human connection, and true wealth.


With new awareness, I shifted focus from chasing external validation to finding inner purpose. Only then, did my sales career truly take off.

I would like to share this wisdom with you. 




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