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I don't mean to be that preachy friend telling you how to live your life. To be honest, I'm a bit skeptical of all the inspirational quotes on LinkedIn from people who may or may not practice what they preach.

But here is what I am sure of - most of the innovative thinkers we admire probably wouldn't make it past the average company's hiring managers. HR would take one look at their unorthodox resumes and toss them out faster than last night's leftovers.

Lots of companies give lip service to adapting to the new world. But do they really walk the walk? We admire outside-the-box thinkers yet feel threatened when asked to leave our own comfortable boxes. That push and pull is a cold reality.

Why? Because most executives are not looking to be outside thinkers or creative in their roles. Am I being to honest? Why do I say this with confidence?

Because human nature is to protect our own safety over all else. Anyone who works for a company equals a paycheck, This means getting paid for time, not changing culture, morale, or even processes if a new ideas is presented and if it appears dangerous, most people will bend to existing protocols to avoid being the anomaly with the threat of loosing the job. History is full of conformity regardless of outcome. The priority is getting along to get ahead. And that's why real change hardly makes an impact. I could add the issues with silos and old outdated beliefs in an outdated process but, much of it starts with no one talking about it and doing something about it.

So, I'm not directing this message at the executives. I'm talking to you - the dreamers and the creators.

Maybe you're part of the 70%+ who want to feel inspired and think freely rather than repeat. the same job this year with maybe a small raise that does not keep up with inflation. We went to the store and three bags of groceries cost almost $300.00.

Maybe, you want a change in your life and have had many New Years resolutions and find yourself in repeat mode, feeling discouraged.

Maybe you're a Gen Z-er who is new to the working world but would rather be an entrepreneur like almost 70% of your peers

So how do you break free and pivot your life? I can't tell you exactly how - only you know what's right for you. But I can share what I've noticed from those who have succeeded in my circle:

Here are three things that should be inserted in your New You Review.

  1. Visualize where you'll end up if you stay on autopilot, then laser in on one goal for change. Make an anti-vision of your nightmare future along with your ideal vision. Block time each week to chip away at skills to get there. Take stock of how much you currently scroll, what you eat and learn, and whether you are reinforcing existing views or expanding your mind.

  2. Cut the crap holding you back, even if it is tough. Someone recently told me they "can't" give up carbs but they want to lose weight.  I said - really? Try buying your favorite dessert, sticking it in the fridge for two weeks, then tossing it untouched. If you cannot do that, ask yourself why aloud. And then share what came up - the discomfort is the point.

  3. Focus on the boring fundamentals first. Your days are on repeat, so redirect that energy towards building your foundation for change. The boring stuff is essential and gets easier the more you do it. Stop seeking validation and instant results. Think long-term.

If the past two weeks have been more of the same, today is the day. Flip the switch and do something - anything - to set you up for the life you really want.



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